Really great food, spicy but not overkill. Plus they sell fresh seafood from the gulf every Saturday! The crawfish and shrimp are the best! We buy the shrimp and devein them, then freeze them in packages of 20. There is literally no fresher seafood in this city.

Sarah Scott

Sooo tasty and perfect size!!!! The service is top notch!

Kacie Grieder-mullings

Crabs were amazing! You don't see too many places around here offering them! Will definitely try some of the other items!

Lucia Hamel

Cajun approved.
Yet not too spicy for a girl that has been in North Louisiana a while now.
Perfectly seasoned (two thumbs up for no outside season).

Shelly McCracken Brown

Delicious! I was the inaugural customer.

Logan Aymami

Crawfish were perfect for the whole family. Fingers and lips not burning after. Love it when seasoning is in the boil not sprinkled on top. Boiled crabs and shrimp were also great. Will be going back for more


These guys might just be the best in town! Have eaten there 3 times and the favor has been consistent and absolutely delicious. Bugs peel super easy every time. They cook and soak in just the right amount of spice and crawfish size was excellent.